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With its balance of piquancy, spice and sweetness, Tabasco has come to dominate the hot sauce market. Its appeal isn’t just international, but intergalactic, as Tabasco is the most popular condiment on the International Space Station, helping to liven up the bland food that astronauts are forced to eat. The miniature 3.7mL bottles available through Bond Street Distribution are also the very same used in US Military ration packs, whilst served on-board Air Force One.

These miniature bottles are the only option for any serious restaurant, café, or hotel.

Extensive research has shown the miniature bottles decrease wastage, because most customers expect either full or almost full bottles. The 3.7mL serving is enough for almost all customers, whilst rarely resulting in much sauce being left over. The charming mini glass bottles have also proven to be noteworthy in themselves, with most customers opting to take them home with them.

Less wastage, zero contamination, charming bottle – what more could you ask for?

There are plenty of hot sauces on the market today, but none that have the name recognition and cultural appeal of Tabasco.

Founded in Louisiana in 1868 by Edmund McIlhenny, Tabasco has long been a cultural icon, even featuring in Charlie Chaplin films in the 1930s. It is one of only a handful of US companies to receive a Royal Warrant, testament to its consistent, enduring quality, even amongst a plethora of fantastic American export products.

When McIlhenny first started making his hot sauce on Avery Island – planting and harvesting the Tabasco peppers himself, mashing and then aging them for several years in white oak barrels until the fermentation gave the peppers the deep, fiery flavour for which they are known – he stored the finished sauce in recycled cologne bottles that he had collected. 

Today the iconic Tabasco bottle remains an exact replica of these ornately elegant cologne bottles, which gives the packaging a nostalgic charm.

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