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About us

The original and the best, Heinz Ketchup has always been the most popular tomato sauce in the world. It is a product that doesn’t deserve to be served in a flimsy plastic sachet. 

This is why we exclusively offer Heinz Ketchup in mini glass jars. Each jar offers a generous 39g serving and has an aesthetic appeal that always impresses.

Heinz Dijon Mustard is popular for good reason, as it hits the absolute mustard sweet spot, with just the right mix of nose-clearing punch and acidic tang, along with hints of salt and sweetness. This is why it can be found on café and restaurant tables from New York and Paris, to Jakarta and Dubai.

It is available exclusively in premium mini glass jars, which offer a generous 35g serving in packaging that emphasises the high-end condiment within.

Using real egg yolks is the bare minimum when it comes to making premium mayonnaise. Heinz has refined their mayonnaise recipe over 140 years and multiple generations in order to strike that creamy,sweet, tangy balance that has made it the most popular mayonnaise in the world.

Available exclusively in mini glass jars, each serve is a generous 33mL, meaning that customers never need a second helping.

Dijon Mustard

Real Egg Mayonnaise

HP Sauce

Tomato Ketchup


Each of the condiments is available in generous Mini Jar portions, ranging from 39g for the Ketchup, to 33mL for the Mayonnaise. These substantially larger portions negate the need for serving double portions with room service meals, and thus represent a major saving whilst seeming luxurious to the guest.

The Mini Jars are also hermetically sealed, with no chance of contamination at any point from manufacturer to customer – if the lid doesn’t ‘pop’ it’s not fresh! Glass is also environmentally friendly and invulnerable to chemical deterioration, unlike plastic packaging – better for the client and the planet.

All products are available in mini glass jars, 80 units per box.

Quality and consistency – these are the two pillars of the Heinz dynasty, and never more so than in its star, Heinz Ketchup. 

There have been many pretenders to the sauce throne, but none have been able to overthrow the king.


Quality and consistency. Other companies have tried adding extra sugar, salt, thickeners, even spices to their sauce, but the secret has always been juicy, ripe tomatoes, and plenty of them. Every bottle of Heinz Ketchup uses 162 grams of fresh tomatoes per 100 grams of ketchup, producing the tangy, sweet, savoury experience that everyone has loved for close to 150 years.

While the Tomato Ketchup is the star of the lineup, Heinz applies the same rigour to producing all of their iconic condiments. Also available are the famous HP Sauce, Heinz Mayonnaise (real egg), and Heinz Dijon Mustard. Each of these products is the most popular condiment of their kind around the world, a sign both of their name recognition and unbeatable taste.

With its fragrant blend of sweet, tangy  and spice, HP Sauce has been the world’s premier brown sauce for over a century. It is a quintessentially British condiment, a classic accompaniment to a full English breakfast, roast dinner, or sausages and mash.

As with the Heinz Tomato Ketchup, the HP recipe is a well-kept secret, containing a mix of vinegar, molasses, dates, cornflour, salt, spices and tamarind. This flavour profile touches all of the cardinal tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami, a key reason for its wonderfully mouth-filling character.

As with all of our Heinz products, HP Sauce is presented in individual 38g mini glass jars. The generous serving size and tactile glass jar never fails to make an impression on customers.

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