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About us

These large tins are perfect for serving controlled amounts at breakfast buffets.

Each tin is 3kg, available in Strawberry, Blackberry and Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Orange and Apricot, as well as Lingonberry sauce (ideal with schnitzel and Scandinavian cuisine) in a 2.8kg tin.

These beautiful glass jars are the ideal way to serve Darbo preserves. The generous size, soft curves and the embossed art-deco motif mark each jar as something special, and give the customer an idea of the quality of the jam within.

Each jar is 640g and shows off the rich colour of naturally produced jams. Perfect for the breakfast service at luxury hotels, these stunning jams have converted many patrons to exclusively eating a continental breakfast.

Darbo have kept it very simple with the Foils range, offering 14g servings of their wonderful jam in a simple foil-top package. This is an amazingly cost-effective means of supplying a world-class product with a minimum of fuss and wastage.

There is simply no other comparable product that offers such a basic, value-conscious serving solution. Ideally suited to premium hotel services, the Foils Range has also been very popular with café and restaurant owners.

Bulk Tin Range

Fancy Jar Range

14g Foils Range

Mini Jar Range


This natural process relies almost entirely on the quality of fruit that Darbo uses: fragrant rose apricots from Hungary, bitter Seville oranges from Spain, sour cherries from Austria and luscious berries from Scandinavia. The company has never cut corners even as it has grown to become Austria’s leading producer of preserves, adhering to a recipe that now nears its 140th year.


Darbo can now be found in over 60 countries throughout the world, including many of the world’s finest hotels and department stores.

It is always nice hearing the pleasant ‘pop’ as you open a glass jar, a fact Darbo acknowledges with their beautiful Mini Jar range.

The full range of preserves is available in 28g mini glass jars, as well as Darbo’s wonderful local Austrian ‘blossom’ honey – harvested in spring from bees that have only visited blossoming trees and flowers, it has an uniquely floral fragrance. Available in boxes of 60 jars, this is the perfect product for cafes and hotel breakfast services alike. The Mini Jars are most popular as an addition to luxury room service offerings, the generous portions and incredible fruit quality providing a point of difference from the many other brands on the market.

The finest jams in the world.

That is what Darbo makes, and has made for six generations, high in the Tyrolean Alps.

The company proudly state that the secret to great jam is no secret, really: just make sure the fruit is of the highest quality. Since 1879, the Darbo family have been sourcing the finest ripe fruit, adding only sugar, pectin and lemon juice concentrate, and heating gently whilst stirring slowly until a wonderful transformation takes place. Beautiful jam is a wondrous thing, as the natural flavour of the fruit is given aluminous, concentrated quality that fills the mouth, sweet, aromatic and ever so slightly tart.

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