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About us

The story of Acca Kappa seems too good to be true:

Founded in 1869 in Treviso in northern Italy, the company forged a legendary reputation for their hairbrushes. Never seeking to expand beyond their ability to maintain their peerless standards, Acca Kappa launched a range of beauty products guided by the same commitment to simplicity and quality. The company is now in its fourth generation, with the founder’s great-great-grand daughter leading the company into the future.

What romance, and how Italian! This combination of integrity and history makes the AccaKappa amenities popular with luxury hotels that have a provenance of their own, and many of the oldest hotels in Italy choose the Acca Kappa products for their in-room amenity collections.

Despite Acca Kappa’s storied heritage and classically fresh botanicals, the products are sealed in sharply modern packaging. This sleek, minimalist design complements the simple, classic soaps and fragrances to great effect. The result is a product that seems both old world and contemporary, and oh so elegant.


Acca Kappa 

We offer bespoke packages that can be tailored around your specific needs.