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About us


For the past eight years, we have prided ourselves on efficient service and distribution. As a boutique distributor, we are able to offer prompt and personable service, as well as the versatility and flexibility to customise packages to suit our varied clientele. We offer bespoke packages for every one of our brands, so that clients can tailor their product presentation and order quantities to their specific needs rather than arbitrary performance targets.

Above all, our interest is in improving the Australian and New Zealand hospitality and retail industries by providing access to the very best products in the world.

The idea for Bond Street Distribution came about in the breakfast salon of one of Australia’s top five-star hotels. Looking over the jam and tea selection, we thought to ourselves: “Surely these guys can do better than this!”

In the intervening years we have fought to bring the finest products to Australian and New Zealand shores, so that our world-class service, hospitality and retail industries have products befitting their high standards.

Bond Street Distribution was established in 2010 with one guiding principle: quality over quantity. Our aim was to find the very best – the best tea, the best jam, and the best condiments. It took several years and far too many long-haul flights, but we finally found the brands that we were looking for, brands that are far and away the best in their field.

Featured products



TWG Tea 

For almost a century, Saphir has been making the finest leather care products in the world.

At the 1925 Paris Exposition, the young company received the Medaille d’Or, or ‘Gold Medal,’ for the quality of its products.

Today TWG offers a range of over 1000 teas, including unique single-estate teas and complex blends. The company has a core range of classic red, white, green, blue and black teas, many of which have already gained a cult following.

Quality and consistency – these are the two pillars of the Heinz dynasty, and specifically its star, Heinz Ketchup. There have been many pretenders to the sauce throne, but none have been able to overthrow the king.

We offer bespoke packages that can be tailored around your specific needs.