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TWG Tea - Overview

Bouqdib also oversees a highly-trained team of tasters whose job is to uncover the best teas from plantations all over the world. The company introduces at least 50 new teas each year, ensuring that their classic styles are complemented by exciting new blends and single-estate offerings.

Today TWG Tea offers a range of over 1000 teas, including unique single-estate teas and complex blends. The company has a core range of classic red, white, green, blue and black teas, many of which have already gained a cult following.

Perhaps the strongest proof of TWG Tea's fine pedigree is the locations in which it can be found. In addition to standalone boutiques and tea rooms in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Dubai and Singapore, TWG Tea is the tea of choice in the world’s finest hotels and department stores the world over.

For Bouqdib, though, TWG Tea isn’t just about selling tea, but returning it to its former glory. A big part of this is spreading his formidable knowledge and educating the public about the glories of fine tea. To this end, TWG Tea has established the world’s first tea institute, staffed by full-time experts who train TWG Tea staff and stockists from around the world as well as the general public.

Luxury is all in the details, and TWG Tea understands that the finest tea in the world deserves the finest presentation. Loose-leaf tea is presented in beautifully-shaped ‘Haute Couture’ tins each with a unique design, while tea bags are made from fine organic cotton and individually hand-sewn to encase 2.5 grams of loose-leaf tea.

Taha Bouqdib founded TWG Tea with a simple yet ambitious aim: to make tea special again.

In the 19th Century, tea was a luxurious product, and drinking fine tea was a mark of elegance and prestige. Even for the wealthy, it was a special ritual to enjoy a cup of tea, a luxury to savour like a fine wine or aged spirit. As it became more widely available, tea lost its prestige, and the industry moved away from its emphasis on quality. TWG Tea is committed to rescuing tea from mundanity and restoring it as the everyday luxury that it once was.

TWG Tea was established in 2008, by Bouqdib, his wife Maranda Barnes, and Indian businessman Manoj Murjani. Barnes is a luxury PR and marketing expert, whilst Murjani was an entrepreneur with deep business ties throughout Asia, Europe and North America, but Bouqdib is the tea expert. For fifteen years he worked in Paris for Mariage Freres, perhaps the only other company committed to producing truly great teas. While the French company ignited his passion for fine tea, Bouqdib found the uncompromising ‘Frenchness’ of Mariage Freres limiting. Self-funded trips to plantations in India and China showed him a cosmos of tea virtually unknown to the rest of the world. He would make it his mission to introduce this bounty to a global market.

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