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About us

The TWG Tea collection includes several packages ideally suited to the luxury hotel market. The most popular product is the bulk pre-packaged teabag box, which contains 200 individually hand-sewn 100% organic cotton teabags, as opposed to the standard 15 piece boxes. This bulk package is both economical and efficient, making it the most popular product with our many hotel clients.

Another, even more economical option is the bulk silken teabag box. Fitting 100 teabags per box, the silken bags are not hand sewn, but contain the same quality of whole leaf tea, which makes them incredible value in a run-of-house guest room and in the banqueting environment. This is exclusively available as a bulk purchase and has a select range of 9 teas.

The most impressive items in the TWG Tea hotel range are the handcrafted tea chests. These chests are made to order and can house 4, 6, or 8 varieties of tea, according to our client’s needs. The eight-tea chest is magnificent in larger suites and for banqueting. Packaged tea sets and bulk loose-leaf tea are also available. The bulk bags of loose-leaf tea are particularly popular with hotels that offer a buffet breakfast or high tea service.

TWG Tea - Hotel Range

We offer bespoke packages that can be tailored around your specific needs.