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About us

High Tea is a luxurious event, and many hotels seek to distinguish themselves by their unique High Tea service. Many hotels proudly serve the finest French champagne and refined sandwiches, pastries and petit-fours, only to serve uninspiring teas – surely the most important part of High Tea!

We are proud to offer bespoke High Tea packages, where the client can assemble a tea and accessories package that best suits their High Tea service. This includes the option for either loose-leaf teas or loose-leaf teabags, as well as selecting from a magnificent collection of teapots, samovars, cups, saucers and bowls.

We also offer customized storage and display options, so that your TWG Tea's and accessories will impress guests even when they are not being used.


TWG Tea - High Tea Range

We offer bespoke packages that can be tailored around your specific needs.