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About us

Environmental sustainability

The health of our planet is a critical existential issue and the business community must play a central role in combating climate change.

While we are only a small business, we have been careful to make environmental sustainability a key part of our business model. All of our products are packaged in recyclable material, primarily glass, which is both recyclable and chemically inert, meaning that it does not harm the environment when it breaks down. Furthermore, all of our office and filing systems are paperless and our office and warehouse spaces are lit by energy-efficient LED lights.

Combating the effects of climate change is very important to us. Many companies pay lip service to carbon offsetting, purchasing carbon credits from year to year. Rather than opting for such short-term gestures, we have chosen to embrace a comprehensive reforestation scheme involving idigenous Australian trees.

Our research into combatting carbon brought us into contact with the Tree Project, who work with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management to establish sustainable long-term strategies for reversing the effects of carbon emission. Our contribution to the Tree Project –amounting to 1% of our annual net income – funds the planting of 300 trees each year. The trees are indigenous to Australia and contribute to a healthy and naturally functioning ecosystem.

Over a forty-year period, a single mature tree will absorb one metric ton of carbon, thus 300 trees absorb over seven tons of carbon each year. As our partnership with the Tree Project funds the planting of 300 more trees every year, the amount of carbon being absorbed by our trees will increase exponentially with every passing year.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed an algorithm for estimating the carbon footprint of various businesses. According to this algorithm, small importing and distribution businesses like Bond Street Distribution produce approximately 65 metric tons of carbon each year. It is therefore easy to see that our collaboration with the Tree Project will make us carbon neutral in a short space of time as well as contributing to the reforestation of the Australian landscape.

Our partners

As a socially, environmentally and globally aware organization, we are very careful when choosing the products that we stock and the companies that we work with. To this end, our partners are not just at the forefront of their industries, but also boast highly developed corporate social responsibility programs of their own:

  • H J Heinz Company – Portion Control CondimentSupplier
  • Darbo AG – Portion Control Condiment Supplier
  • McIllhennys Tabasco - Portion Control Condiment Supplier
  • Salvatore Ferragamo - Toiletries Supplier
  • Sysco Gurst Supply - Toiletries Supplier 
  • Qantas - Air Freight Partner
  • Star Track Express - Courier Partner
  • Crane Worldwide Logistics - Logistics Partner 

Food Bank Victoria donations

We understand that while access to the justice system is vitally important for many underprivileged Australians, basic necessities like food are even more important. To this end, we regularly donate a substantial part of our food and beverage products to Food Bank Victoria. This donation makes up 8% of our annual net profit, which illustrates the seriousness of our commitment.

When deciding where to donate our products, company directors Chris and Dermot undertook a thorough audit of the various groups working to distribute food to the less fortunate. Food Bank Victoria emerged as a worthy collaborator, sharing our philosophy that nutritious food is a basic right that is essential to human dignity. Our contribution to this effort makes us incredibly proud.

Community engagement and support

We are proud to live and work in Australia and enjoy the privileges of a stable, prosperous democracy. We are also acutely aware that many pockets of our community do not enjoy the same opportunities and comforts that we do.

This is a particular problem for indigenous Australians, many of whom struggle to access our justice, health and community support systems. It is part of our mission as a responsible business to support these communities.

We donate a portion of our net profit to the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS), a group that works tirelessly to support both individuals and communities in need. As lawyers ourselves, we understand how important social justice initiatives are to reversing the estrangement and disenfranchisement of our indigenous communities.

One of our employees, Sandeep Mandalika, has for many years volunteered his services to the Western Community Legal Centre. The WCLC offers free legal advice to many communities in the western suburbs of Melbourne and is a vital resource for the underprivileged. Sandeep is passionate about this contribution, which takes up at least 15 days per year.

One of our directors, Dermot Minto, has also volunteered for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, working to mentor our most vulnerable new citizens.

Proudly "Trans-Tasmanian"

We are proud to have Australian and New Zealand companies, owned and directed by "Trans-Tasmanians" and run out of Melbourne, Victoria.  As a company that services Australian and New Zealand industries, our localised ownership structures gives us a special understanding of the needs of our partners, and allows us to service major Trans-Tasman cities efficiently, whilst keeping profits locally. 

We are always searching for the very best, and a key part of our mission is to source the best products from around the world and introduce them to our market. At the same time we are constantly looking for creative and dedicated local producers to add to our carefully assembled product range.

As proud Australians, we also feel that it is our responsibility to support our local communities and preserve our natural environment for the coming generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our Philosophy

At Bond Street Distribution we are acutely aware of our role as responsible global citizens. As such, we are passionate about incorporating socially responsible and sustainable practices into our business infrastructure.

Our efforts are diverse and long-term in their structure and conception.

We embrace various environmental initiatives in order to not merely be carbon neutral, but carbon negative as a company within the medium term.

We support, both on a company and individual level, a number of community social justice programs, the majority of which are aimed at improving the lives of indigenous Australians.

Finally, we contribute a substantial part of our net profit to feed the under privileged in our communities.

Even though we are a small business, we see these initiatives as a key part of our company identity and a worthy contribution to society on a local, national and global level.

Featured products



TWG Tea 

For almost a century, Saphir has been making the finest leather care products in the world.

At the 1925 Paris Exposition, the young company received the Medaille d’Or, or ‘Gold Medal,’ for the quality of its products.

Quality and consistency – these are the two pillars of the Heinz dynasty, and specifically its star, Heinz Ketchup. There have been many pretenders to the sauce throne, but none have been able to overthrow the king.

Today TWG Tea offers a range of over 1000 teas, including unique single-estate teas and complex blends. The company has a core range of classic red, white, green, blue and black teas, many of which have already gained a cult following.

We offer bespoke packages that can be tailored around your specific needs.