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About us

The Beauté de Cuir collection is easily Saphir’s most popular leather care range. Meaning ‘Beauty of Leather’ in French, the Beauté du Cuir products offer a superior product at an affordable price.

Unlike the Medaille d’Or range, the Beauté de Cuir formulas mix both natural and artificial ingredients. The creams and waxes are still beeswax based, but Saphir have also applied their chemical know-how to offer a great product at a great price.

We have found that this balance of quality and price makes the Beauté du Cuir collection very attractive to a wide rangeof clients, whether they use the products themselves or intend to retail them.

Every cobbler and shoe repairer who has ever requested a sample of the Saphir Beauté du Cuir products has subsequently decided to stock them.

Along with a wide spectrum of coloured wax polishes and creams, the Beauté du Cuir collection includes a variety of brushes, sprays and pigments that cover every possible leather restoration task. Many of the products in the Beauté du Cuir range are not made by any other brand, let alone to the high specifications adopted by Saphir.

The premium leather dyes and edge dressing creams are particularly popular with cobblers because they are so easy to apply and yield a far superior finish when compared to the various competitors.

We are able to personalise our wholesale packages to meet any Saphir partners' needs, including various storage and display solutions for retail shops.



Beauté Du Cuir Collection

We offer bespoke packages that can be tailored around your specific needs.